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Finding the right sports bra can be tough! At Fleet Feet Sports we specialize in hard-to-fit sizes. Our Bra Fit Process is all about you. Proper fit will provide all women the freedom to move and exercise with comfort and confidence. We start with an interview on what your current use for a sports bra is and what your goals and aspirations are. Next we take careful measurements and translate them into the correct size sports bra for you.

Throughout the entire process we will offer tips and solutions that will help make you successful. For instance, the average life span for the support of a sports bra is 6 months, beyond that you can risk discomfort and possible injury. Approximately 80% of women wear the incorrect size bra, which means women’s breasts are not being given proper support.  Whether you're a small-breasted walker or a large breasted volleyball player, without a sports bra you can risk damage to your breasts.  A woman’s breast lacks any major muscles so she has to rely on two things to support her properly, the ligaments in her breasts and a properly fitted sports bra.  Once the Cooper’s ligament (the supportive ligament of the breast) has been stretched, the only solution is a surgical repair that can be costly.  Even though sagging naturally occurs throughout a woman’s lifetime, a properly fitted bra can help to delay the onset of sagging breasts.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that only women with large breasts will sag, even A cups are at risk for sagging.  

A good sports bra helps to eliminate breast movement and must have:

  • The ability to wick moisture, particularly between the breasts
  • Breathability for a cooling flow of air
  • Ability to dry quickly
  • Correct proportions and contours to minimize chafing
  • Straps that do not dig into the shoulders
  • A band that does not shift or bind
  • Soft thread to minimize skin irritation
  • At least 25% Lycra to compress the breasts sufficiently, thereby minimizing movement

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