Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts Under $25

Socks: Feetures and Balega socks both offer moisture wicking technology to help pull the sweat away from the foot and prevent blistering. Socks are the next step in getting the ultimate ride feel from your run. 

Nutritionals: Nuun, Huma, GU, Skratch, Stinger nutritionals all offer different forms of energy for the active lifestyle. There is something for everyone with a solid form found in the Stinger waffles and Grab the Gold protein bars, gels in GU brand and Stinger, and electrolyte tablets that dissolve readily into water for a liquid option of energy consumption.

Hats: Who doesn't love adding to their hat collection? Our hats and visors are all adjustable and the visors specifically have a sweat band built into the front of the visor.

Buff: For use in warm weather and cool, Buffs provide UV protection while on the head and face. Buff utilizes moisture wicking fiber to help keep the sweat off your face during any activity.

Rollers: The Addaday Junior rollers are great for when you need that massage in the hard to get places. Massaging muscles is important to stay relaxed and help promote healing of overused muscle groups.

Ornaments: To help commemorate that new distance reached or new time achieved, let the runner in your life know how great their accomplishments are.

Car Stickers: Let the world know how far you've run! Our car stickers have distances for 5k, 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, and cross country.

Visibility: Nathan strobe lights and headlamps are a great addition for any running wardrobe with the recent time change, stay safe and stay seen in these winter months.

Body Glide: A very versatile must for an person at any activity level; it protects against chafing, blisters, and hot spots. There is also a female specific blend which incorporates a vitamin E complex that benefits more sensitive, soft skin. 

Water Bottles: Nathan hand held water bottles are designed with adjustable hand straps so the runner no longer has to grip the water bottle while running but can maintain a relaxed posture.

Run Mob Shirts: Our Run Mob shirts have been a staple since our opening day. We are so grateful for the community being here for us at the start of our journey in Mobile that we are giving back. We are donating $5 from every Run Mob shirt purchased and giving it to the local charity, Girls on the Run. These shirts are great for exercising or just everyday wear. 

Gifts Under $100

Nathan Visibility: Headlamps, handheld flashlights, and reflective vests in neon green and pink are great to give that runner that likes to train in the early hours or later into the evening. Visibility is essential in preventing accidents from happening. 

CEP Compression: CEP offers the only medical grade compression available in the market. Compression sleeves can be used during activity and post activity as a recovery tool.

Run MD Rollers: Rollers give you the chance to get sore muscles to relax and provide myofascial release for the musculotendinous unit. Different types of rollers offer different grooves to roll the muscle over.

Oofos: The best flip flop available for supporting your feet. Oofos offer great arch support and give the foot a chance to relax and for the muscles to stretch out after a long day at work or being active.

Orange Mud Towel: Good to use as a towel or as a seat cover for your car. This towel comes with an adjustable belt to help keep the towel from falling and with zipper accessory you can place this in your car to ensure clean seats!

Inserts: Superfeet inserts were created with every foot in mind. These inserts have a plastic heel cup to help promote the bodies natural cushioning system and because of their design, they last will normally last through two pairs of tennis shoes. Inserts can be put into any tennis shoe or boot to provide comfort and promote an effective gait no matter what the activity. 

Wish List Items Over $100

Shoes: Many different brands for every foot and and every gait. The right shoe can get you anywhere in life, click here to see all the brands we offer. 

Tifosi Sunglasses: Perfect for sun protection, TIfosi sunglasses can come with interchangeable lenses and are great to wear during running, biking, or any activity in which you are moving.

Garmin Watches: A great tool to track and record distances, time, and splits during activity. There is a watch available for whatever your needs may be. 

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