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Fleet Feet Sports Mobile carries a wide selection of sizes, colors, and brands in men's, women's, and kid's shoes. Fleet Feet Sports offers a variety of shoes within the running, walking, trail, minimal, and racing flats/spikes categories. We want you to find the proper footwear for your needs.  To help ensure your satisfaction with your footwear selection, we recommend going through the "Fit Process." There is no appointment necessary and no additional cost for you to be fitted. We look forward to fitting  you soon!





Tips for buying running or walking shoes:

  • Bring your old shoes with you when you visit the store! We can talk to you personally about what you liked and disliked about them. Also, we can look at your past wear patterns, and look at the style and type of shoe you were previously in as we look for "clues" to current issues you may be having! If you have custom shoe inserts from a doctor, please bring those with you as well!
  • Always let your fit-specialist know current and past issues your are struggling with - from blisters, to calluses, to specific aches and pains.
  • Don't worry about bringing socks with you to try with the shoes! We will provide you with a new "try-on" dry-tech sock that fits well. 
  • Be prepared to have your feet measured - and yes, both of them. If you haven't had your feet measured in awhile, you might be surprised by what you find out. And we aren’t just measuring for size, but to determine each foot’s biomechanics. Arch height, length, width and foot shape help us to determine which recommendation we make to ensure your comfort and reduce your risk for injury.
  • Don't purchase your shoes for the COLOR! Focus on how they fit and what works for you!

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