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Marjorie Rockwell

Marjorie has been running since she was a little girl... It has been and still is a family thing. She joined her local club team at the age of 7 and has been running ever since. After high school, she got a scholarship to run Track and Field for Middle Tennessee State Univerity, which is what brought her to the States, where she met her husband Micaiah. She loves the outdoors and being active, enjoying time with friends!

After college, she kept running, but struggled with knee injuries after training for her first trail marathon. After couple years, learning to deal with frustrations and stubbornness (as we all know most runners are stubborn!), she finally listened to her body and started to run from scrach... 5 minutes at the time. She started to cross train and learned to enjoy cycling and swimming! Marjorie also loves to be around people. She has coached and helped with several training programs at Fleet Feet Sports Murfreesboro, as well as helped several High School and Middle School Cross-Country and Track coaches on her spare time. She loves kids and really want to start a kids training program here in Mobile in the near future, so she can share her passion, which started way back then for her!

Marjorie still wants to get back into racing and enjoys trail running a lot. Her dream would be to, one day, do the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) in Chamonix, France. In the meantime, she is staying healthy and injury free by cross training... enjoying cycling with her new freinds, swimming and hot yoga when she can... who knows, she may try herself at traithlon, since she is already swims...bikes...runs... 

Her favorite race: Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg, Tn

Her dream race: UTMB in Chamonix, France

Her favorite shoes: Mizuno Sayonara

Her favorite product: Garmin GPS watch to keep track of her activities... looking to get the new XT920 soon... (i don't think a watch can do much more...)

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